Life Theories

Ben Patterson, in his book Grand Essentials, shares this theory on life: “When we’re whittled down to our essence, when joints have failed, skin has wrinkled, and capillaries have clogged, what is left of us is what we were all along.” Ben goes on to paint a contrast between two characters from his own life experience:

Exhibit A is a distant uncle who did nothing his entire life but find ways to accumulate wealth. He spent his life drooling and babbling constantly about the money he wanted to make and spend. When life whittled him down, all that was left was raw greed, because that’s what he had cultivated in a thousand ways during his lifetime.

Exhibit B is Ben’s grandmother. What did her life stand for? The best example was witnessed whenever she was asked to pray before family dinner. She would reach out and hold the hands of those near her. Then a broad, beautiful smile would spread across her face and her eyes would fill with tears as she looked up to heaven. Her chin would quiver as she poured out her love to Jesus and lavished praise upon Him for all His blessings.

That was her life in a nutshell. She loved Jesus and she loved people. When life whittled her down, all that was left was a remnant of eternity. What’s your life theory?

Craig Fry / CLC President

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