Caught Like a Rat in a Maze

Back in my college days, our psychology class took part in a “maze” experiment. A rat was placed in a maze with walls just high enough so it couldn’t see over the top. The rat’s goal was to maneuver to the end of the maze where he’d find a piece of cheese…a tough task for a critter who’s IQ starts with a decimal point.

But lack of IQ wasn’t the main problem; the main problem was lack of perspective. If the rat could see from above, where I was positioned, his job would be a cinch. But he wasn’t and so he couldn’t. That poor rat repeatedly bumped his little nose into the wall.

Have you ever felt like that rat? Have you ever felt caught in a maze of other people’s expectations? Have you ever hit a dead end in your career or life goals? Are you living with a bruised nose or a wounded spirit?

If so, let me suggest an upward view, one that will give you a view of life from above your circumstances and beyond the expectations of others. How about this one: “Don’t look to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge God” (Prov. 3:5-6).

When you look to God for direction, life’s journey starts all over again with the promise and the premise that you are infinitely valuable, loved, and of eternal significance. Maybe that kind of vantage point will keep your nose and your spirit intact.

Craig Fry / CLC President

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