We are pleased to welcome you to the CLC family! You join a unique group of men who have made a commitment to participate in a ministry that will strengthen you spiritually as well as equip you for leadership in all areas of your life, including your home, church, place of business, and community.

Once you have spoken with your group co-facilitator and made the commitment to your group, please register by clicking on the appropriate button below.  Please note that you will need to (1) input your name exactly as it is on your credit card, and (2) know your group number.

All In Registration

CLC will e-mail you the following information to you after all members in your group have registered:

1. PDFs containing ALL IN's entire curriculum (CLC's curriculum is Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved. No part of this curriculum may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission from CLC. Please do not forward to anyone the curriculum PDFs.)

2. Attachment containing the list of books that need to be purchased over the two year experience.

3. Links to the following books that can be printed for free for the first module:

  • My Heart Christ's Home, Intervarsity
  • Tyranny of the Urgent, Intervarsity
  • Pursuit of God, Tozer

4. PDF of Leaders Guides to Co-facilitators

5. The following will be mailed to your co-facilitator:

  • Memory Verse Cards
  • CLC's entire curriculum in 6 spiral bound books for each group member.

Next Steps Registration