ALL IN is a comprehensive, two year program that covers 12 leadership modules, including  A Man After God's Own Heart, The Exchanged Life, How to Study the Bible, Leading Your Family, Money or the Master, Discipleship, and Leadership.  Along with the auxiliary reading which complements the curriculum, conversation and discussion leads to tremendous, interpersonal relationships. It is our hallmark program and has been developed over three decades. It is designed for two facilitators and groups of 8-12.

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NEXT STEPS is a one year leadership platform  in a small group setting, intentionally designed to go deeper in the process of transformation.  It is designed for groups of 5-7. NEXT STEPS has great flexibility. A group can start with as few as five participants with one man serving as a facilitator. The format is very similar to the ALL IN program in that it incorporates Bible study, memorization, auxiliary reading of major Christian authors, and interaction among group members during and outside of the weekly meeting (coffee/lunch matrix).


Elbow to Elbow is CLC's newest offering and is geared toward young adult men (ages 22-34).  Elbow to Elbow is a relational discipleship experience designed to equip young adult men to become disciple-makers and lead in their homes, churches, communities, and the marketplace. It is designed for groups of 4 men - 1 mentor and 3 participants.


For more information about our ministry, curriculum, or to start a group, please call the CLC Office in Nashville, Tennessee at 615.370-5020